Your City Lit student IT account

Your City Lit student IT account (your student number is a Microsoft Office 365 account.



What is Office 365?

It is:

  • One simple user area with access to most of your software applications.
  • A subscription that allows you to access Office web apps, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • A subscription that is free during the academic year(s) your course is running.  For example, if your last enrolled course ends on 1st January, your access would end at the end of that academic year on 31st August.
  • Where you can access your Google Classrooms and Google Suite accounts. 

Set up your Student IT account


How do I access Google Classrooms?

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your City Lit student email address. This is the same as your Google Classroom one - your student number (
  3. From the Office 365 Apps page click on the Google Classroom or Google Suite icon.

Need more detailed instructions, go to: Google Classroom


How long do I have access to my student IT account?

You can use Google Classroom and Microsoft Office 365 for the whole academic year that you are enrolled onto. 
Please download any files and data that you want to keep before the start of the next academic year (1st September).


Need more help?

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