Common Google Classroom and Google account error messages

Have you received any of these error messages?

We have links to simple solutions and explanations for each.

‘You can’t use Classroom with this account’

What it means
You signed into Classroom with the wrong account.

You need to switch or add another Google Account. This can be done in three
easy steps
'Class code not found. The code is incorrect or it may not exist. Please check the code and try again'

What it means
We couldn’t find your Class Code in our system

1) Try typing in the code again, the passwords are case sensitive.
2) Your Google Classroom may have been deactivated / archived if it from a
course that has ended.

‘Couldn’t find your Google Account’ or "Email address does not exist"

What it means
We can’t find your Google Student account in our system.

1) Check that you have entered your Student account details in correctly,
with your student number followed by
2) If you've just created an account, we need to activate it across multiple platforms. Wait for 2 hours; the system needs a bit of time to recognise you.
3) If the issue stays, submit a new support ticket. You're not alone; we're here to help.

Error code "AADSTS50105..."

What it means
You've logged in successfully, but you're not where you need to be.

Head over to That's where your learning journey continues.

"Password Complexity" error

What it means
Your password needs to be as strong as your ambitions.

Make sure it's at least 12 characters, mixing uppercase, lowercase letter, special characters, and numbers.

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