City Lit Strategic Plan

Our Purpose

Bringing people together to enrich lives through learning

City Lit enriches the lives of individuals and communities in London and beyond. The highest quality learning is the core of what we do but we deliver more than just knowledge and skills, we also build communities and enhance physical and mental wellbeing.

Our values demonstrate who we are collectively and individually:

Ambitious, imaginative and open hearted.

Our overarching promise to our students is ‘Inspiring Passions and Realising Ambitions’.


Our World

To deliver our Purpose, our strategic priorities must reflect the dynamics of the world we operate
within. We must continue to adapt to the needs of our students and other stakeholders, as we have for 100 years. These include:

  • An expanding population will need skills, employment and recreation;
  • Over a third of Londoners are aged 20-40, significantly higher than the rest of the UK;
  • The changing nature of work driven by automation and machine learning will create new job opportunities where others are displaced, meaning that people will need to invest in and re-invent themselves during their working lives;
  • An ageing population will need to work for longer;
  • The changing nature of ‘retirement’ means people are seeking more active and
    experiential opportunities in their post-work lives.

The knowledge and skills that people acquire through school and higher education, in many
cases, does not support them in making the most of their lives.

You can read our full strategy here:

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