FAQ: Exams

We have listed below some of the frequently asked questions we receive after exams to help put your mind at rest.

I forgot to label my answer

If you forgot to label your answer with the correct question number, you don't need to worry about it, as our examiners will make every effort to try and match a non-labelled answer with the correct question.

I used a different colour ink instead of black

While we always ask students to write in black ink when taking our exam papers. On the rare occasion a student uses a different colour pen, we will always ensure that exam paper is marked and that student receives the correct mark.

I answered too many questions

If in your exam you were asked to answer two out of three questions and instead you answered all three. Our examiners will mark all three questions and your final marks will be awarded based on the two highest scoring questions out of the three you answered.

I didn't spell my name or family name correctly

If you didn't spell your name or your family name correctly, then you can speak to your exam officer, who will be able to contact our Entries team to resolve this issue. It is important that we have your correct birth name in preparation for your certificate.

I think there may have been an error in the question paper

If after your exam you feel there may have an error in the exam paper, then you should speak to the exams officer, who will contact us. If there has been an error, we will ensure that this mistake won't affect your result.

What if the examiner struggles to read (can't read) my handwriting?

Our examiners have seen lots of different styles of handwriting and can usually work out what you have written or were trying to say.

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