Course evaluations

At the end of your course, we will send you an email asking for feedback about your course.
Clicking on the link in the email will take you directly to the online course evaluation form.

The course evaluation form is hosted on an external site called SurveyMonkey. None of your details are shared with SurveyMonkey.

What does the course evaluation cover?

The course evaluation form has 6 sections, and depending on how much you decide to write, it can take roughly 4 minutes to complete. Most of the questions are not mandatory.

Section 1 The first section is about your learning experience on the course. Your teacher will see an anonymised summary of this section.
Section 2 The second section is about safeguarding.
Section 3 The third section is an optional section if you had additional learning support/access - you can tell the support team whether the support helped you with your studies.
Section 4 This section is about your motivations to do the course, what you learned on the course and what you plan to do next.
Section 5 You can write a course review which would be published on the City Lit website.
Section 6 The last section is about your overall City Lit experience, giving you a chance to give feedback about the building, our communication, our services etc.


How do we use your feedback?

Teachers read your feedback to check that the course was what you expected, and that the way the course was planned and delivered enabled you to achieve your goals.

Managers review course evaluations to gain insight about:

  • Student satisfaction with courses.
  • Student motivations to enrol on courses.
  • What students plan on doing next, whether further studies or employment.
  • Reasons why students didn’t finish a courses or didn’t attend at all.
  • Student suggestions for other courses they are interested in. Last year students made almost 3,000 courses suggestions!


Student feedback from 2022/23

Last year we received 10,350 evaluations!


  • Most students enrol on courses to keep improving their skills, to try something new and to keep active and express themselves.
  • Most students achieve their goal of improving their skills, but they also improve their wellbeing and discover new skills or talents. 
  • Many students feel part of a community at City Lit and make new friends.

Please don't forget to complete your course evaluation at the end of your course.


General feedback about your experience at City Lit

You can always leave us feedback about any aspect of your experience at City Lit:

 Complete our online feedback form

 Send a letter to City Lit, Keeley Street, WC2B 4BA

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