Support for students with specific learning differences (SpLD)

We provide specialist support for students with dyslexia and other specific learning differences (SpLD).  This type of support is prioritised for students who are on accredited courses with substantial reading and writing. 

We can offer:

  • A dyslexia screening or assessment for exam access as appropriate 
  • Advice on helpful learning strategies
  • Individual learning support sessions to work on specific areas of difficulty if you are on a course with substantial reading and writing
  • Students on an accredited course may be entitled to special arrangements for their exam. However, these can only be put in place if they have a valid written report that recommends particular exam concessions.

For more information, contact the Access & Inclusion team or book an advice session.



Dyslexia/SpLD advice sessions

If you have a learning difference and want to find out about the support we provide and your eligibility, you can book an advice session with a member of the Access & Inclusion Team.

Advice sessions are delivered remotely via telephone or video conferencing.

Various times and days, please book a session.

Book an advice session
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