Certificates of attendance

Most courses are non-accredited, so won't offer a qualification or certificate at the end of the course. However, we can provide a certificate of attendance which outlines the course you've completed, the dates and the number of sessions you've attended.  Many of our students find this helpful for their CPD records, for their employers or purely for their own personal records.  

The certificates are usually £1 for full and senior fee payers and are free for concessionary fee payers.

Once you have requested your certificate we will call you to take your payment. 

Request Certificate of Attendance

Certificates can take up to 3 weeks to produce. We will send you a digital certificate via email as standard but if you would like a printed version please let us know. 

NB.  If your course fees are being paid for by St Mungo's, then your certificate will also be free of charge.


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