Your City Lit student IT account: Step-by-Step Guidance

This guide will help you do two things to access your student IT account:

  1. Reset your password
  2. Set up text SMS as your authentication method

To go through the steps below, you will need:

 Your City Lit student number
 Access to your personal email
 A mobile phone

Section 1: Reset your password

  1. Go to

    Enter your City Lit student email address (your student number followed by

    Type in the screen capture code that you see on the screen.Then, click ‘Next’


  2. Check your personal email inbox for the verification message from Microsoft. Type the verification code into the box (as below):


  3. The next screen will show the email address you gave us when you enrolled. Part of the address will be hidden e.g. ji******* Click on ‘Email


  4. Once you the verification is complete, you will see a password reset screen.

    Your password must:

     be at least 12 characters
     contain upper and lower-case letters
     contain a special character (such as, #, %, !, &, £)
     contain a number.
     be different to your previous passwords.

  5. Click on ‘Finish


  6. You will then see thisn screen confirming that you password has been reset:


You have now reset your password and will be able to access your City Lit Student IT account using your ‘' e-mail address and your new password.

Section 2: Set up text SMS as your authentication method

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your City Lit ‘’email address, e.g. and click 'Next'.


  3. Enter your new password and click ‘Sign in’


  4. You must set-up text SMS authentication. This is part of City Lit’s improved IT security measures. It adds extra security to your City Lit Student IT account. Click ‘Next’.


  5. Settings for text SMS authentication

     Choose ‘Authentication phone’ from the drop-down menu.
     Choose the country code for your mobile phone number e.g. United Kingdom(+44), and enter your full mobile phone number, including the 0.
     Choose ‘Send me a code by text message’ and click ‘Next’.



    You will not be charged for using this method of authentication.

  6. You will receive a text message with a six-digit code to your mobile phone. Enter the code in the box (as below) and click ‘Verify’.


  7. Once you have completed verification, please click ‘Finished


  8. If you see the ‘More Information Required’ screen, just click ‘Next’.

  9. You will see the following screen. Click on the word ‘Verify’ (as below).


    You have now set up your text SMS authentication.


Each time you sign into your City Lit Student IT account you will need to enter your password and verify your identity via text SMS. You will be asked to enter the six-digit code sent to your mobile phone. Please remember to have your mobile phone with you every time you are logging in.


If you prefer to use an authenticator app rather than SMS please ensure that you are using the official Microsoft Authenticator app, this is free of charge. You do not need to use an app that requires payment.

Need more help?

Please make sure that you read through these instructions and follow all the steps carefully.
If you have any problems and need help at any stage, please contact us and include the following information:

 screen shots of any error messages
 the number of the section and step where you had a problem (e.g. Section 1: Step 3)
 the device you are using (e.g. laptop, mobile, tablet)
 the web browser you are using (e.g Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge)

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