What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is an online learning platform where students can access course resources, communicate with teachers and classmates, and participate in course activities.


How do I access Google Classroom?

Please check your Inbox for joining instructions emails, or your spam/junk folder. City Lit will send you two reminder emails: one three days before your course starts and one day before your course starts.

If your course will use Google Classroom, the reminder emails will have your student number and your Google Classroom Class code.

Please try logging in before your course starts.

To access Google Classroom you will need to log into your City Lit student IT account, to do this you will need:

 Your student number
 The Google Classroom class code
 Your City Lit student email address (your student number @student.citylit.ac.uk, e.g.123456@student.citylit.ac.uk)

If you haven't logged into your Student IT account yet please follow this step-by-step guide


This is the main message board where students and teachers can talk and share links and attachments.

To access your Google Classroom you must be signed in to your City Lit student account. City Lit automatically generates your student account when you enrol on a course.

Your student account login username comes in the form of an email: your student number followed by @student.citylit.ac.uk. Example: 123456@student.citylit.ac.uk

Check out our step-by-step instruction page for more details.

Need more help?

For more information or to get help accessing your student IT account, complete our online form.
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