Logging in to Google Classroom on a Browser: Step-by-Step Guidance

This guidance will help you to log into your Google Classroom using your internet browser.


To access Google Classroom you will need to have an active City Lit Student IT account.
For guidance on how to activate your account for the first time or reset your password see our Your City Lit Student IT account: Step-by-Step Guidance

Once you are logged into your Student account in Office.com, follow these steps:

        1. Click on the nine small dots in the top left of the screen to see a list of available apps in a white side panel.                                              

        2. Click on the blue text that says All apps then scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on the Google Classroom icon.                                              

        3. If you are unable to see the Google Classroom application through within the menu, at the bottom of the menu click on Explore all your apps.                                       

        4. Select All Apps once again shown below.                                     

        5. Scroll down to the bottom and then Select Google Classroom.   

        6. You are now inside Google Classroom.
        7. If you have used Google Classroom before, your active classes will be listed.

          If you are new to the college or have not done a course with a Google Classroom before, you will see a blank page.

          Click on the plus icon in the top right of the screen to join your class.   

        8. In the middle box, enter the Class Code for your course.

          This will usually be emailed to you by City Lit before your course starts, or sometimes by your teacher.

          Once you have entered the code, click on ‘Join’ in top right of the screen to complete the process.                                                               


You will only need to join the class once - on future visits your course will appear on the screen from step seven. The next time you log into your Student account, Google Classroom will be visible in the main Apps section                                                               

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