Logging In to Google Classroom on a Mobile: Step-by-Step Guidance

This guidance will help you to log into your Google Classroom on your mobile device.


To access Google Classroom you will need to have an active City Lit Student IT account.
For guidance on how to activate your account for the first time or reset your password see our Your City Lit Student IT account: Step-by-Step Guidance

Once you are logged into your Student account in Office.com, follow these steps:

Setting the app up
  1. Install the Classroom App on your mobile

    Android devices Apple devices

    Install the Classroom app on your Android device.
    Your device must have 5.0 Lollipop or later to get the latest version of the Classroom app.
     On your device, tap Play Store .
     Find and install the Google Classroom app.

  2. Open the Google Classroom app and click on Get Started.

  3. To add your City Lit Student account click Add Account.

    Depending on your security settings on your device, you may be asked to verify your identity.

  4. You will be shown a Google sign in screen.
    Enter your City Lit Student email address.
    This is your student number followed by ‘@student.citylit.ac.uk’ e.g. 123456@student.citylit.ac.uk
    Click Next

  5. You will see this page, click on Accept.

  6. You will now see a City Lit sign in screen with a City Lit logo at the top of the page.
    Enter your City Lit Student email address again and click Next.

  7. Enter your student account password and click Sign In

  8. You will be prompted to select either Text/SMS or a call to your personal phone for the verification.
    It will show the last two digits of the phone number associated with your account.
    In this example, we are using SMS - Click on the Text section.
    Make sure you have the phone with you to pick up the message.

  9. You will receive a text with a 6 digit code. Type the 6 digit code into the Code field and click Verify.

    You are now logged in to Google Classroom!

    If you have used Google Classroom before, your active classes will be listed. If you are new to the college or have not use Google Classroom before you will need to add your class


Adding a class to your Google Classroom
  1. To add a Classroom, click on the + sign in the bottom right corner.


    Depending on your mobile device, the plus may be in a different area of the screen, however it will always be a plus sign inside of a circle.

  2. In the box, enter the Class Code for your course.

    This will be emailed to you by City Lit before your course starts.

    Once you have entered the code, click on ‘Join’ in top right of the screen to complete the process.


    You will only need to join the class once - on future visits your course will appear on the Google Classroom home screen

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