Ground rules for participating in classes online

Preparing for your online class

Join your online class in good time

Join about 10 minutes before the start so the tutor can admit you to class. That way you will not distract others by joining late. You will not be able to join earlier than 10 minutes beforehand.

When you join, your browser may ask for permission to use the camera and the microphone. You should allow these.

Your tutor may have switched off your camera and microphone before the class starts – they will turn these on once the class begins. If you do not want to be seen, you can switch your camera off again.


Dress as you would for class

Remember that your tutor and your classmates will be able to see you!


Adjust your lighting

Try not to sit in front of a bright light or beside it as this will put your face in shadow.
Find a place to sit where your face is well lit and clear on the screen.


Think about your background

Sit somewhere with a plain background. It can distract other students if there are things behind you such as drying laundry, children or pets. Ask anyone else in the house to be careful to behave appropriately if they move across the camera.



During the session

Switch off your microphone when you are not speaking

This cuts out background noise. Turn it back on again if you want to speak or take part in a group discussion.


Speak to the camera

Speak to the camera, not your screen. This will make it seem you are talking directly to others.


Think what you are doing while your camera is on

Remember that everyone can see you. Try to stay still and be attentive. Avoid yawning, eating, walking about or checking your emails etc.


Avoid background noise

If there are other people near, please ask them to keep as quiet as possible.

Please turn off your microphone if your child or partner starts talking to you, or there is other noise in your home.


Speak clearly and take your turn

Try to speak as clearly as you can so others can hear. It is especially important online not to have everyone talking at once. So be careful not to talk over someone else.

Your tutor may explain how you can show you want to speak.



Students are not allowed to record classes without the permission of the tutor e.g. for students with specific needs/disabilities.


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