Online etiquette - Netiquette

Follow these rules of netiquette to make learning online enjoyable for everyone.


This video includes BSL:


Join your online class in good time

Aim to join about 10 minutes before the start of your class so the tutor can admit you. (You will not be able to join earlier than 10 minutes beforehand.) This gives you time to check your camera and microphone too.

Please don’t join late as this may distract the tutor and other students.


Switch off your microphone when you are not speaking

This cuts out background noise. Turn it back on again if you want to speak.


Use hands up

It’s very easy to talk over someone else in an online class. Use the hands up feature on Zoom, or raise your hand if you want to speak. Your tutor may offer alternative methods.


Keep your video on

Please keep your video on. This helps create a sense of community and helps the tutor see how you are doing. If you need to be off camera for a particular reason, please check with your tutor.


Be aware of body language

It can be distressing to others if you yawn, slump, munch or scratch!


Dress as you would for class

Others can see you so wear the same as if you were meeting in person.


Think about your background

Sit somewhere with a neutral background. It can distract other students if they can see drying laundry, children or pets.

In Zoom, you can also choose to blur your background, or use a picture. Please download the instructions at the bottom of the page to help you do this.


Check your lighting

Adjust your lighting so it falls on your face. If a light is behind or beside you, your face will be in shadow and difficult to see.


When contributing to chats or forums

  • PLEASE DON’T TYPE ALL IN CAPITALS. Most readers will see this as shouting.
  • Remember to always be polite.


Be safe online

Check there is nothing behind you that could reveal personal information.
Never share personal details with others during an online class.


Respect opinions different to your own

It is OK to disagree with a point of view, but it is not OK to be disrespectful or offensive towards others.


Recognise and respect diversity.

City Lit has a zero tolerance policy towards discriminatory comments, bullying or harassment. If you are a victim of any of these, do report the issue directly to your tutor.


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