Course transfers

Can I transfer from one course to another? 

We want to ensure that you are on the most suitable course, if you feel that your course is the wrong level for you please speak to your tutor straight away.

We'll transfer you to a more suitable course (or multiple courses) provided:

 there are spaces on a more suitable course
 we agree that the course is the wrong level for you
 your course you're transferring onto are within the same academic year (if you are transferring from a summer school course, you can choose another course taking place in the Autumn term).  


You can also request City Lit Credit for any reason before the third session of your course in line with our Refund and City Lit Credit Policy.


Is there a cost to transfer courses? 

If the course you’re transferring onto is more expensive, you will need to pay the difference before we can transfer you.  If your new course is cheaper, we'll retain any difference in fee.

If you are in policy for City Lit Credit we will charge you pro-rata for the sessions that have run and issue City Lit credit for the rest of the fees that you paid.


How can I request a transfer? 

Request your transfer


If you need help submitting your transfer request please come to the Student Centre & Library and speak to staff or call

020 3871 3111
Monday to Friday 12:00-18:00.
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